One of our top priorities is to offer a unique service to clients wishing to settle in the Principality and apply for a residence. This process can be on behalf of an individual, family or business.

Moving to the Principality can take place immediately, but anyone wishing to stay for more than three months must apply for a residence, with a permit called “Carte de Séjour”.

All applicants are required to follow the formal residency application process and the administrative and legal criteria to be met depend on the country of citizenship of the person wishing to apply.

We also take care of non-European citizens to obtain a long-term type D establishment visa. Our relocation services start with a first consultation with each client in order to determine all the circumstances or special requirements (schools, moving…).

We will monitor the police formalities for obtaining the residence permit. We will make sure that the forms will be filled out correctly, and we will contact specialist lawyers for specific situations.

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